On Nipsey Hussle...

We recently lost a soldier. On March 31 2019, Nipsey Hussle was killed in front of one of his stores. The suspected murderer was a member of hie crew. The Black community has been mourning ever since and will continue to mourn and be motivated to act for a long time to come. The seed was planted in a lot of our young brothers and sisters and we as a community have determined not to let his death be in vain. Let me tell you about me. I have been an educational activist, fighting for equity in the system. I am a black empowerment activist, fighting for Black people to reclaim what has been stolen from us. I am a natural beauty activist, fighting for a return to our natural beauty and a celebration of such. But I have a confession. Before March 31st 2019, I have never heard of the name Nipsey Hussle. Yes, I'd seen pics of Lauren London with what looked like a mumble rapper wannabe and I've said to myself "another beautiful black woman with a hustler". And I know of the great Dr. Sebi. And despite how close to the ground I thought I had my ear, I had never heard of him. And for this I mourn. I never knew of what he was doing in the community when he was doing it. And for this I cry. I never knew about his work to bring the warring factions of our tribe together and the peace talks he had held. And for this I despair. Because I never had the chance to support during his life. Yes, I am one person but every voice counts and mine was silenced out of ignorance. I dismissed him with an eye roll and I thought of this king as insignificant and I was wrong. And I think to myself "How many Nipseys are there doing what needs to be done the way it should be done that I don't know about?" My feed should have been full of his exploits, not Trump and his goons... So I've decided

- not to dismiss a brother because of stereotypes and preconceived notions

- to promote and give platform to any brother or sister that deserves it; whether they need it or not

- to do my part, and if necessary your part, for the black agenda - even more than before

- To Ride With Him.

R.I.P king Nipsey


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