Why is a shirt called a shirt?

Why is a shirt called a shirt?

Now for some useless information about shirts, perfect for trivia night!!

Picture this: It’s the ancient times, and humans are finally tired of draping themselves in animal hides and random pieces of cloth. They need something more sophisticated, more tailored, and definitely something that doesn’t come with an unpleasant aroma. Enter the concept of the “shirt.”

The word “shirt” itself comes from the Old English word “scyrte,” which is related to the Old Norse word “skyrta.” Both terms point to a basic garment worn on the upper body. It’s like our ancestors got together in a time-traveling brainstorm and decided, “Let’s create something that covers us up nicely, and while we’re at it, let’s give it a snappy name!”

The Linguistic Journey

As language evolved, so did the garment. The shirt, in its many forms, journeyed through the ages, adapting to the styles and needs of different eras. From the loose tunics of ancient Rome to the ruffled shirts of the Renaissance, it was always there, evolving yet remaining a staple of human wardrobe.

By the time Middle English rolled around, "scyrte" had morphed into "shirte." It was like the word went through a medieval makeover show and emerged sleeker and more modern. And voila, the "shirt" as we know it was born!

Fashion Forward

Now, fast forward to today. The shirt is a chameleon of the fashion world, available in countless styles, fabrics, and cuts. From the formal dress shirt to the casual tee, it’s a garment that’s stood the test of time, adapting to every trend and every body shape.

A Playful Take

Imagine if shirts could talk:

  • Ancient Shirt: “I’m the latest trend in toga town!”
  • Medieval Shirt: “Check out my puffy sleeves and lace, I’m so Renaissance!”
  • Modern Shirt: “I come in cotton, silk, and even eco-friendly bamboo. Look at me, I’m versatile and fabulous!”


So, why is a shirt called a shirt? Because it’s a classic, enduring piece of attire that’s been tailored, tweaked, and transformed throughout history. It’s a word with roots deep in our linguistic past and a garment that’s a staple in our wardrobes today. Next time you put on your favorite shirt, remember, you’re wearing a piece of history – and one that’s always been in style!

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